Configure UPS ground to work with service weight limit

We are setting up the shipping in the cart. We only use one method, UPS ground realtime. I have everything configured with the access key and working correctly. However I noticed when testing the store that adding products totalling over 150lb generates the "no shipping method available " error message. I checked the logs and they state that as well:

“ResponseStatusCode>0FailureHard111035The maximum per package weight for the selected service from the selected country is 150 pounds.”

Can someone explain to me how I would configure the shipping to get around this. At this time our suppliers will only do UPS ground. I di verify that no single producy goes over the weight limit, but there are many in the 60-80lb range so orders with 2 or more products could realistically hit the limit.

You can’t. There a literally dozens of threads requesting that support for multi-box shipments be added (as well as support for dimensional weight shipping calculations). There is currently a suggestion in the Ideas forum asking that this be added - you can vote for and leave additional comments at:



Thanks I’ll defenitely vote for the imrpovment. So what workarounds are people using, I’ll take any suggestions as not being able to provide shipping quotes or never shipping orders with 2 or more products purchased is defenitely not an option.

Hello Jesseporven,

Check out this thread:


Thank you struck.

If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind posting or private messaging me the name of your site or some other reference I can use to tell shipping kit that I need the same X-cart SmartShip conversion to a CS-Cart addon they did for you. In the post you referred me to, bcdinc mentions contacting them and shippingkit saying they did not have such a solution. It would be easier to tell them, “like you did on XYZ site or for XYZ customer” to jog their memory and so they identify it’s something they’ve already done and can replicate easily enough.

Again thank you, this really helps as we were stuck with this issue.


[QUOTE]They considered it custom work, so the $120.00 I paid was to adapt the X-cart version of “SmartShip” to work with CS-Cart.[/QUOTE]

Don’t worry, they consider it a custom project, however, they will know exactly what you want & provide it to you in a few days at most.