Configure "account" And "cart" Menu Bar Appearance

Where are the settings to modify the appearance of the "My Account" and "Cart" in the menu bars?

I want to simplify them and make it simply say "Account" instead of "My Account" and change the icon on the "Cart" among other things possibly.

For example, it says "(Icon) 2 Item(s) for $1,865" and I would want the logic to be smart enough to say Items if there is more than 1, or Item if only 1 item instead of the (s) for maybe plural or maybe not. Also, instead of " for " which consumes a lot of space, may want to make it simply "(Icon) 2 Items: $1,865"

thanks for your help!

Account and Cart Top Menu Appearance.PNG

As for my account label, please change the name of the corresponding block on the Design -> Layouts -> Default page

To change cart label, please open the following file:


and replace:

{$smarty.session.cart.amount} {__("items")} {__("for")}


{__("block_items_in_cart", [$smarty.session.cart.amount])}:

then create the block_items_in_cart language variable with the following content

[n] item |[n] items

Do not forget to clear cache

Thanks much eComLabs! I will try this.

You are welcome!