Configurator as a Tab in "Product details page tabs" block


I would like to move the Configurator to the “Product details page tabs” or alternatively, move the “Product details page tabs” into the configurator tabs.

Right now, configurator tabs are at the top, followed by the “Product details page tabs”. This is supremely confusing to the customers and it is tiring even for me to navigate through it all.

You can see what I mean here: [url][/url]

Please let me know what is the best way to merge the two lots of tabs.

I would also like the relocated “Checkout” and “Add to wishlist” buttons to be also visible in the main location next to the product price. Right now they are sandwiched at the bottom of the configurator tabs. This is not optimal.


You are obviously right!!. Current tab lay out for the configurated products is not correct and need user friendly layout ammendment by cs-cart unless somebody assist you to give you a tip. alternatively I would recommend you to vote and add your comment for the configurator improvements as the current product configurator is out dated.


Unfortunately there are very limited users for the configurator products and will be most likely ignored .