Configurable Product On Selection

We sell a jacket which you can buy in standard sizes but there are customisations possible.
What we need is:

*checkbox, ie. "Customise product" when selected shows additional options. ie.
*left sleeve (customers can enter a number 1-10

*right sleeve (customers can enter a number 1-10

And possible even more. However, i only want these options be shown only when the customer selects the CUSTOMISE PRODUCT checkbox.

Ofcourse there is an extra fee for the customisation which is fixed. ie. € 50,00 when they select the customisations checkbox. All the extra options are included in that price.

Is this possible with CS.Cart? It probably would have been with the old configurator.

I am afraid it is not possible our of the box. As far as I know, old configurator is supported by Dvs now