Conditional Product Features

Hi All,

I've put a significant amount of thought into this but would appreciate a second opinion.

At the moment we have products that suit the USA/Canadian market but are fielding requests from as far away as Russia, India, Africa etc. A new website is currently being developed to accommodate these requests hence the following question.

Would it be feasible to create conditional product features based upon location/localization?

Example: The product has both US/Canadian Electrical certification AND International certification.

US/Canadian customers couldn't care for the international certification, just as much as international customers care about US/Canadian certifications.

At this time I have to apply two product features to a product, whereas the target audience would only care for one feature only. Bare in mind also that this adds a significant layer of confusion (220v/50Hz vs. 120v/60Hz) for the customer.




Not absolutely sure what you are looking to accomplish.

However, have you considered creating an “Option” for these particular products such as “Select Voltage” for example, and making this a mandatory selection for customers to choose the available voltage configurations from?

This way you could just list the various electrical approval marks/certification details on a single product page covering all available markets, yet still clearly display the various voltages each of your products are available to be ordered as. I am also assuming that the voltage selection is the most important detail to be determined other than the base product design.

It's difficult to explain on paper honestly. Basically I would have liked to display product features based upon the target market.

I've worked around this subtly by providing a product feature called 'Electrical Certifications' via multiple-checkbox with the related options.

You can see what I've done via the image contained within my bug report:

In terms of using a product option, I want to minimize what customers see - No point giving a customer a selection for 220v when they will be installing it into a 120/110v mains supply.



I am seeing that you are creating a new store for these other areas more over towards our side of the world and beyond, so you will have 1 for US and Canada etc and 1 for the rest, right? And for this other store can you not have a selector for “choose your area/country” and then have the sequential option combinations/forbidden combination only show that relate to the country selected.

I am guessing you would have already thought of this and are really looking for a way for it to be handled auto something like ip geo locate but for the options.

Another shot is could IP locate be used to redirect to a subfolder site.