Completely Override Another Hook Used By Another Plugin


I want to add custom Schema to a product detail page. I am almost there using


It looks like adding to this file seems to build up all the data from other hooks too from other files, in this case, the 'seo' plugin uses the same file name used at the location:


This results in the code in hooks in both these files to be output on the page, the SEO plugin's & my custom hook. I want to disable the hook used by the SEO plugin, but not the plugin itself.

Rather than directly editing the 'seo' plugin hook, I want it to be future-proofed in case a cs-cart update overwrites it.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this would be possible?


Try to override it with the following file:


and put empty div to it

Awesome, that has done it!

Annoyingly I thought I had exhausted this method, though I accidentally made it in the my_changes/views directory not my_changes/overrides DOH!

Thank you.

You are welcome!