Competitor price monitoring


Price Comp is a complete system for price competition monitoring

that online businesses around the world use to raise sales and profits.

Now fully bridged with CS CART installations for rapid reports on margin changes.

On you can view an easy to understand video on what PriceComp

can do for your online store, pricing and further information.

Ouch. Never heard of it, seems a new business project with unproven results and as for the pricing…ouch.

I like the idea, but $500 per month? It would be cheaper to just have a staff member check it or have a CS-Cart addon developed. Coincidentally I received a quote for the development of an addon similar functionality which was not much higher than your 1 month price.

Sorry for the delay just saw the posts,[list=1]

[]Price Comp is not a cs cart module but a Commercial Business Software

]It is not new, as it is in the market more that a year, with clients worldwide

[*]The post was just to mention that now it is bridged with cs cart


The 500$ package lets you monitor up to 5000 prods with unlimited competitors from the admin panel of Price Comp.

So if you sum up with an average of 10 competitors per prod your staff would have to view and note prices from 50000 url.

To be able to do that you would have to have at least 5 staff members doing only that all day and not their predefined jobs.

Even if they started by the time they finished the prices would have changed again.

Price Comp not only has live prices but it delivers them to you in a excel report analysis that shows you where to pay attention where to lower and where to raise your price, it even suggests the price for you.

The market that this application is into is called Competitor Monitoring , and its prices are considered low by its users relative to the sales and profit margins they gain using it.

-Now after explaining the use of the above software-service , as for the bridge , a user of Price Comp that his online store is build with cs cart is given all the above mentioned advantages from the cs cart panel for faster workflow.