Company Pages

Hello there.
Some companies that will become a member of our system cannot sell due to their product structure. When customers want to buy these products, they can meet face to face with the seller and sign a special contract between them.
Therefore, these companies are not members as a vendor. However, I have to include these companies in my system. Because my customers need companies and I can not ignore them.
I have an idea. However I'm not sure what I can do in the way.
Can I make a presentation page for these companies that will introduce their products and themselves and customers will contact them?
But how can I add these companies to the system if I can't make a member as a vendor. I also think it would be better if each one edited their own page.
For example, an architectural firm. Direct product can not sell. But it shows concept designs from its catalog. They are negotiating with the customer and agreeing to design what design is appropriate for him.
The price of the design is not standard. It depends on the location and the needs of the customer.
I would like to publish concept designs and references on the company page and get the company's contact information. It would also be nice if I could add customer comments.
What kind of structure do I have to build?

You may give them or not give them a store. If you decide for the second option, make sure that there are categories that cover their intellectual product, so that they can post their products under these categories and set no price. Then the message will appear, Contact us for the price - or change the wording as you like in the translation section.

Actually, setting no price will turn the product description into a classifieds listing, so you may set fees for posting in these categories with no-price classifieds.