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I recently rearranged the fields for checkout where they are in a more traditional order (complete address THEN shipping below). But now the company field shows below the main address on invoice and is not getting passed to ShipRush. Before the company name was inline with the main address and was getting passed on to ShipRush. Any idea why? Does company have to be in the customer’s area and not the address?

Is this “Shiprush” shipping coming from an external add-on?
If yes, I think you should contact with add-on developer and ask him about that.
Also, was the company field created by you, by add-on, or it’s a default CS-Cart field?

ShipRush really isn’t an add-on in the normal sense. I just have some files on my server that allows ShipRush to pull and push information back to the server. None of this was modified and I have been using them for many years. So it has nothing to do with a change from them. I’m just not sure why “Company” is now listed after the address/zipcode on my invoices and not before or after the person’s name as it was before (and how it’s listed on the “Deliver to” form). It is like the company field isn’t being recognized as a company field the way it was before I rearranged the fields.

I guess what I’m asking is: Does “Company” need to be in the “Customer” field area at checkout to perform correctly? I currently just have email and phone there and moved everything else to the “Deliver to” area. The “First Name/ Last Name” seems to work fine there but Company isn’t functioning properly. I honestly am not sure if Company was in the customer area before or the deliver to area since it has been several weeks since I made this change.

I should also note, I noticed that on the receipt that is emailed to the customer, it doesn’t state the company on there either even if the customer put a company name in for shipping.

I don’t think there is such restriction. Firstname/lastname works fine because this is a default field of CS-Cart orders. Company field you added yourself, and therefore it is placed in a different spot in order structure. Don’t have access to computer right now so I cannot show a screenshot, but if you contact ShipRush, they should know how to fix it, assuming they have a basic knowledge about CS-Cart.

So back to my original question; are you saying that Company goes in the Customer field and can’t go in the Deliver to field? As I keep saying, there isn’t anything changed from ShipRush and I guarantee they won’t be able to help because I didn’t change anything that is their stuff. I’m just trying to get things back to how they were before so Company shows in the Company field on ShipRush AND where it shows properly on receipts and invoices as it did before. I simply am not sure where these field were before I made the changes. To reiterate, nothing was done with ShipRush; just checkout order fields order were changed.

But still, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with CS-Cart. If there was such huge issue with profile fields as you described, it’d be widely reported. Plenty of add-ons (including some of ours) work correctly with both default & created profile fields. So I assume something is wrong with ShipRush.

It would probably be best to explain in detail (steps, screenshots) exactly what you changed because how it shows in the system and how it shows in emails are 2 different things.

How is no one is not able to answer my simple question of where “Company” field is located during checkout. I have been using CS-cart for about 15 years without issue so I know there isn’t a core issue. But I CHANGED THE ORDER OF THE FIELDS DURING CHECKOUT AND STARTED HAVING ISSUES. This is why I’m asking why this affected things to not work properly as they did before making these changes.

Here is how I currently have checkout fields:

Is company supposed to be down on a separate line on the invoices as shown? I don’t recall it being like that but maybe it was? In any case, before I made the changes company was prefilled in ShipRush. This has worked fine for many years with them. So obviously changing the fields around screwed things up for me. And I’m not sure how things were laid out before…that’s why I’m here so I can put them back to how they were before. But it’s like now one is understanding the question or at least refuses to answer my original question.

To answer my own question, moving Company to the customer field fixed the issue.

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