Community Edition - license questions

First of all, thanks to CS-Cart for offering the Community Edition. Now, as a potential plugin developer, I have some questions regarding the CE license. In the copyright.txt, the license states:[quote]use the CS-Cart Shopping Cart Software source code or any of its parts as well as source codes of other program products developed by the Copyright Owner from CS-Cart Shopping Cart Software to modify the Program. [/quote]I’m sure this is written specifically to prevent a user from transplanting plugins and other functionality (Groups, Suppliers, Option Exceptions, Filters, Skins, etc) from the Pro Edition to CE.

Would a CE user be violating this if they used a 3rd-party addon that approximated some Pro functionality without actually using any CS-Cart source code? For example, would an original 3rd-party SEO addon be problematic?

When developing a new skin, it may be impossible to avoid reusing some basic skin structure code, icon graphics, etc. from the CS-Cart skins. Is it safe to bet that CS-Cart takes a more liberal stance on this point for skin developers?



Glen, I would think to get an exact answer to your question/situation that you would want to route your question through the helpdesk with attention to Alex. He can give you specifics about limitations.

I would expect that they are okay with skin developers generating new skins for the cart. What they probably want to prevent is taking of the core code from one version and using it in another or even using it on a different cart.