Common product, vendors can edit description

In common product, vendor clicks on a common product and goes to general view. They can edit the product’s description instead of just viewing it. Is this normal logic? I can disable other general settings elements in the vendor configurator, but for some reason the description can be edited by the vendor.

Also, before the vendor clicks on “Sells this” thy can rearrange the categories by dragging them up and down. They can also click on them.
Once they click on “Sell this” the general tab shows the categories and they can click on them.
How did Cs-cart miss this in spite of making a huge refreshed and simple vendor panel experience.

I cannot reproduce any of the issues described. There must be something in your installation that is changing the default behaviour.

Those issues are in the demo which 4.17.1, not the newest version.

Please let me know if you will be able to reproduce this issue in the dev demo: