Comments & Reviews. HOW ?

CS-CART Professional 3.0.6

Comments & Reviews Active ( was disabled ).

All fields populated correctly.

It's a no show anywhere, apart from the search area

under 'Website'.

My test customer can't find any way of actually

leaving a comment.

The User Manual is of less than little use.

Sorry guys.

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You need to edit a product, on the edit product page, go to the Addons tab and change the value for Comments & Reviews to whichever type of review you want - comments, star ratings, or both.

You can also use the Bulk Edit tool to activate the Comments & Reviews for lots of products at the same time, otherwise, I posted a script on the forum some time ago which would activate communication (“comments”) and ratings for all products.

Thank you Stellar.

At least the bulk edit puts a whole bunch on one page.

Thanks again.

How serendipitous! I just logged onto the forum to ask this very question. I took a look at the bulk edit option, and while you can get a bunch of products on the page at once, they still have to be dealt with onnnnneeeee at at tiiiiiiiiimmmmeeee. Yikes.

I have about 2000 products thus far with many more thousands in the wings. So Stellar, if you could point me to the post that had that script you mentioned I'd be eternally grateful!

BTW I looked at the various fields for product import (as that would have been a viable alternative), but didn't notice one that sounded like it would fill the bill. If anyone knows otherwise and can clue me in, I'd appreciate it.

Side note: why oh why doesn't CSC have a handy dandy check box so that all products can be reviewable by default? Strange.

DOH !!

All our products are one offs so must now disable Comments & Reviews.

MFD there is some mob out there that does migrations.

I chased them for an Ashop to CS-Cart migrations and they didn't

but you may get luckier.

Just google xxxxxxx to CS-Cart migration.

Thanks termalert, but I think you may have misread my post. Everything is already integrated into CSC but I just need to make everything reviewable in one fell swoop.

If you can connect to your mySQL database, you can manually insert the product_id into the cscart_discussion table in the database. Set the object_type field to 'P' and the type field to 'B' for Products with Both Comments and Reviews enabled. The thread_id field is auto_incremented.

Don, this would be done via my host's cPanel, not the CSC back end. Correct?

Correct, if your cPanel has phpMyAdmin installed you could run a query thru it and update the cscart_discussion table.

Stellar’s script is explained here (post #3):

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