"Commenting out" problems


I have noticed on quite a few templates, if i comment out code using the standard:

then sometimes on the site, the closing - - > is displayed, on some templates, both the opening AND closing is displayed.

what am i missing here, is there another way to comment out rather than just erasing code?

many thanks to all


I have ran into that quite a bit…I really just think its something that the smarty templates do not like. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen.

I haven’t researched it enough so my other option was just to delete the line.

The way I comment the most is with:

{* This is your comment *}

This seems to work for the most part, but every now and again I have to use something else.


To comment out code in Smarty you should use

{* Smarty comments *}

this is not sent to the Smarty engine for processing and is not displayed in the browser, unlike



which are sent to browser and viewable in Source View, these are useful for adding notes.