come back to the product list with the last filtering atribut user choice


Navigation and usuability is important point for client, cs-cart have system filtering realy nice

but when client go to the product detail page we can see the possiblity to come back to the product list with the last filtering atribut choice. 1 button “comeback to productlist” will be realy nice and util.

I have a good succes example navigation+filtering+seo (french site)


test de atribut filter

look the meta title for each page

look the url

consult product page

come back in 1 clic in the product listing

atached screen

Anyone knows how had this funccion “come back to product list buton” in sc-cart?




+1 also want to know

But the search engine do not may indexing this kind fo url, because it produced double content.

I know you will explain how we can made a better structure for the filters… when i am ready with my shop i will show it here in forum… easy thing.

yes exactly, :slight_smile: improve the customer experience of browsing product catalog .

if there are as many filters because many product or many atribut , the customer will abandon the search if there must again make a new filtering product .

1 solution is Quicklook like for product listing to see easy of product features

but a prefer un beautiful button in top left coner " come back to list" for the moment the only issue i the PREV buton of the browser.

Saludos 4 all