Column widths?

Is there a quick and easy way to see what the column widths are?

Use the firebug extension to firefox.

Thanks T, I’ll try that.

Hey Tbirnseth-

I, too, am trying to find my column width. I don’t want to have to download Firebug and mess with that if I don’t have to. So in Google Chrome, if you “inspect the element” (by right mouse clicking over the desired column), there is a width displayed there. Do you think this is accurate? I am using green web and get 178 for both side columns and 524 for the center. What do you think?


Firefox tells me

.left-column, .right-column {

width: 200px;


styles.css (line 322)

.left-column {

float: left;

margin-left: -968px;

width: 171px;


and centre column

.central-column, .container-right .central-column, .container-left .central-column {

margin: 0 200px 15px;

width: 524px;