Collecting data from forms


I have created a form that collects information for a promotion we’re running. Is there a way to collect the information in an excel spreadsheet or csv file instead of/as well as it being sent to the email address I have specified?

Thanks in advance


We'd like to be able to capture form data like this as well. Copying and pasting from the e-mails is getting tedious.


I guess the data is stored in a sql table. From there should be easy to export to a csv or excel file, check this youtube video: [size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Exporting MySQL Database Table to Excel[/font][/size]

Easier to catch the form when it's posted and then just output the desired data to a csv file of your choice (var/my.csv). You can manage the csv however you need for your business.

Thank you for the quick replies.

I've tried finding the table that contains the form data but haven't been able to locate it yet.

Can you elucidate on how to catch the form when it's posted and put it into a csv file? If there's another forum post or a help file that would point me in the right direction that would be great. I know how to export product data, backup/download specific database tables, etc. but I'm unclear about what I would need to do to tell the system to take the form data and not just use it in the e-mail but also send it to a database table or other csv exportable place. It's quite possible I'm missing something obvious.


Add a post controller for the pages controller. I.e.: addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/

Capture POSTed data (form_values) for the 'send_form' mode.

if( $mode == 'send_form' && !empty($_REQUEST['form_values']) )
Format the info and output as you wish.