Code to sign in creates an endless loop

The code system simply doesn’t work on my site. Goes in loops telling me to sign in with code. I input the code, it signs in, then go to submit payment and it starts the entire process over again telling me the email is already in use and I need to submit the code. Endless loop. I have customers that get so frustrated with this that they refuse to do business with me. If I’m lucky, I can catch them before they get mad and leave and I will simply remove their account manually in the admin area. This isn’t ideal and the entire point of the code is to make things easier for them, not drive them nuts trying to make payment. But no idea why it doesn’t work as it should.

Which payment method are you using?
Have you modified the CS-Cart source code?

My cart has been highly modified by Simtech. Though, at checkout, the only modification I am using is using an add-on called PayPal SDK that allows the customer to checkout with PayPal without jumping through the hoops of our normal checkout. I was not using this method though, as this would skip the need to log in because it goes directly to PayPal. So I was using standard credit card payment when I got caught in the loop but was never able to pay due to the issues above. The only way I got through was to delete the account in the admin area that used the email that was giving me issues.


Did you contact with Simtech support in this case?

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I have not because anytime they want something looked at, their prices are outrageous. I’ve been using CS for 15 years and the cost associated with customizing have gotten out of control.

You can contact us via Help Desk.

If we can figure out the reason for this behavior, we will let you know. You can mention this topic in a ticket to bring it to my attention. However, please note that we only provide support on a paid basis and you may need to subscribe to our services beforehand.

Thanks. Ticket has been submitted.