Code to apply 30% discount to List Price

Help! I am new to the internet retail sales field. I currently have a site that I hate and am in the process of building a “replacement” site.

I want to be able to apply a 30% discount to the list price and have the discounted price show up in the price field.


List Price: $99.00

Price: $66.00

You Save: 30%

I have ZERO coding experience so I need step by step instructions if anyone can help me with this.

Also, I am thinking of using Quickbooks Merchant Services. I know the fees are a little higher but I like the fact that transactions post directly to my business books. Since I have a full time job in addition to this business, my time is really at a premium and not having to post each transaction is a big plus in my book. Is there anything I should know about implementing this?

Thanks to anyone that can help with this!


You could have a global discount of 30% - no coding required. You can set this up is “discounts and coupons”, and would display as you require.

Don’t use quickbooks so can’t help you there.


Thanks! I will look into that. I was working with tech support and they said I would have to talk to development to get that done. Maybe they didn’t understand what I wanted to do. I have a couple businesses that I sell to with special pricing. Would setting them up as members give me the option to set their pricing at “X%” off the list price? Like an override of the general public pricing?

Any takers on the Quickbooks question?

You can set up discounts for different membership levels. Customers need to register as a user and then admin has to activate the membership.

There is also a wholesale price option you could assign to a membership, or bulk pricing.

Set up some test products and play around with the discount and pricing options, that’s the best way to figure it all out.