Code Help

Hello i need a litle help to do this JS work whith out problems in 4.3.xx ... the 4.3 version send the js to bottom and stop to work i try with :, but dont work for my


Thank you!

You don't have (or anen't showing) the data-no-defer attribute in your script tags.

What's with the semi-colon? And you don't have the data-no-defer in the player script tag. Adjust your code to look like:

Please use code tags so things are at least a bit readable. Also, if you'd looked in your browser debugger you would have seen the syntax errors related to the last data-no-defer you had added.

Hello tbirnseth, thank you , with your help works , just a little change :

data - no - defer in the end to the 2do script

I would think that placing data-no-defer within the script itself would break things since it would be undefined. It should be an attribute of the script tag, not the enclosed javascript.