Cm-ajax doesn't work on front store


[color=#555555]We develop new skin and addons for our cs-cart multi-vendor 3.0.6 based site. [/color]

[color=#555555]We encounter problems with ajax on the client-side. While on development environment (Windows, PHP 5.3.15) it works ok, on the our staging server (CentOS/PHP 5.3.3) the ajax calls causing the following error:[/color]

[quote]Oops, something went wrong (error). Please try again.[/quote]

[font=Open Sans, sans-serif][color=#555555][size=3]But, ajax IS working on admin pages.[/size][/color][/font]

[color=#555555]We use the ‘cm-ajax’ micro-format.[/color]

[font=Open Sans, sans-serif][color=#555555][size=3]In order to debug it, we tried to put ‘exit’ at the end of the functions that generates the related form and then the ajax call returned, but the the relevant fields are not updated (those that are pointed by the the hidden input fields required in cm-ajax micro-format). So, it means that the call is being reached to the server and the relevant code was executed, but if there is no explicit ‘exit’ at the end of the function the ajax mechanism does not return the call.[/size][/color][/font]

[font=Open Sans, sans-serif][color=#555555][size=3]Again, on development environment the calls are working fine without the need to add ‘exit’.[/size][/color][/font]

[color=#555555]Do someone has any idea what can cause this issues?[/color]