Clone Locations in V3

Hi there again

I recently had an issue with a version 3 store while I was building a new skin from scratch.

I had to design all secondary pages like search, advanced search, etc and keep certain blocks positions exactly the same, even make exact copies, for example I needed the advanced serch result page to look like the categories page.

From what I found out working with the new block system, I had to go and create a new location (custom one) and put in the dispatch field and then start all over again creating grids and fill them with blocks etc… nightmare.

I have looked for a clone or copy function of locations but didnt find anything.

So I came up with a quicker solution through export locations.

If you choose export locations you can choose wich location (page) you want to export as xml.

After that you open that in Dreamweaver or any other editor and change only the <location dispatch=“…” to whatever you need in my case and then a few lines under that the name=“…” to whatever you need to call that, in my case again Search Results and save it again as xml

Then import it through the same screen by import locations button, and Evualá!!

Your clone location (page) is ready and functional without even changing a grid or block position.

I would like to have, in a future version, a clone or copy button, from cs-cart developers, but for now I think this solution will work for me.


If you want to find the dispatch for the page you need to create jsut look at your url and find it right after the dispatch= . For example