Clone client site and test during version upgrade process

Hello All

I have a 2.1.1 version CS Cart, with quite heavily modded templates and css files

for a more modern graphic look than the CS supplied template sets.

Is it possible to clone my entire site & clone the DB, and then run it from a spare domain? This way a could upgrade the site off-line to clients, file by file and test it. If ok, then move it back to the correct domain.

I am not sure how the serial checking works. This test period would be about a week I would think. I really don’t want to do an upgrade via the admin en-mass, as I can see my site might fall apart as others have experienced!

Any experience on this would be most useful.

Not a problem as long as you hide it from public view, as in non-accessable.

Either place the clone in a subdirectory for testing, or password protect the root folder so it cannot be publicly viewed.

If you do it as a subdirectory of your main site, don’t forget to add a Deny in robots.txt for that directory. Otherwise you’ll have the search engines pissed off at you.