Clearing Cashe? WTF?

Hi All

It might sound dumb, but I have tweaked the bottom.tpl a bit, changed the hight of the box, nothing special. It saved and previewed fine.

Then I updated the company link in this same template, saved it ok, but NO effect in the browser. Cleared cashe in all my browsers, same thing.

Do I need to clear the tpl cashe in the Var folders? I don’t want to mess things up. If so, which cashe fiel?

(I am not running Smart Optimizer).

You can delete the cache and compiled folders and CS-Cart will re-create them

I think what you need to do is clear the store cache like this

Replace the word admin.php with whatever you renamed the admin file to. This will clear out the template cache.

See if that works for you. Most of the time you will not need to clear your browser cache.

this link works for me for clearing cache


[quote name=‘purelife’]this link works for me for clearing cache


On some servers it won’t work. Safer is the method mentioned by ‘racingsolution’


How do I set up a cron job to Clear the cashe on my website?

any help will be much appreciated.