Clear Unused Thumbnails?


We have been notified that our hosting plan is running out of storage space, over 15GB.

I checked the file usage and found that 6GB of it is in thumbnails, about 3.7 GB in detailed images.

I believe during import the system created a bunch of thumbnails that are no longer used/needed.

Is there a safe way to clear unused (orphaned) thumbnails?

Surely the size of the thumbnails should be less than the much large detailed images?

Administration -> Storage -> Clear thumbnails

It will delete all thumbnails. Required images will be generated from detailed ones "on the fly".

But please note that the store can work slowly some time

At first, you must open your Icons settings Administration - Settings - Icons, and check that you selected JPEG format for thumbnails or the same as the original. If there are other values this can create images with size biggest than original