[Clear Cart] Button. In Cart Page. How To Put One More On The Buttons Bar Below? [Solved ✔] Thanks Simtechdev!


[[color=#008000]SOLVED ✔][/color] Thanks simtechdev!


like this:

I will really appreciate some help with it. 8)

Thank you!


Please try adding the following line of code:

{include file="buttons/clear_cart.tpl" but_href="checkout.clear" but_role="text" but_meta="cm-confirm ty-cart-content__clear-button"}

after this part:


{include file="buttons/continue_shopping.tpl" but_href=$continue_url|fn_url} ```
somewhere around line 32 of the [b]design/themes/[YOUR_THEME]/templates/views/checkout/components/cart_content.tpl[/b] file in your CS-Cart installation.

I hope this will help you.

hi simtechdev! thanks for your response.

Anyway doesn’t work yet. even after clear cache. I can’t see the new button :S

look a screenshoot of my cart_content.tpl (larger)-----> [url=“http://i.imgur.com/d85B93K.jpg”]http://i.imgur.com/d85B93K.jpg[/url]

Thank you for your response, Username.

That is strange, I have tested this and I could see the button. Did you clear the cache using the your_store.com/admin.php?ctpl link or the Administration > Storage > Clear cache page of your admin panel? Please try both of these methods. If you still cannot see the changes, try renaming the var/cache/templates directory of your CS-Cart installation.

I hope this will help.

Works!!! :mrgreen: —> using this: my_store.com/admin.php[color=#ff0000][size=5]?ctpl[/size] [/color][color=#ff0000] [/color]To clear the cache :mrgreen:

you rock simtechdev! thank you so much! :mrgreen:

You are welcome!