Ckeditor js frontend


I am checking the sitespeed by Google developers tool and it says that render blocking script.

Is this for the backend and can i remove this in the front?







If you are not using Quick Search, Buy Togheter addons you can disabled and automatically the js will be removed after clearing cache[list]

[][color=#ff0000]var/cache/js/editors/ckeditor.editor.js[/color] you need to remove it manually from [color=#ff0000]skins/[SKIN_NAME]/customer/common_templates/scripts.tpl[/color] ( location is different depanding of cs-cart version)

]{script src="js/editors/`$settings.Appearance.default_wysiwyg_editor`.editor.js"}


I hope that helps,


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Hi Vali,

Thanks for your quick reply!

How and where can i add async=“true” to the javascript?

Is the location in the addons directory?


You can add directly into the smarty function ( file:smarty_plugins/function.script.php )

Please let me know you cs-cart version and i will send you the full address

Version 2.4