Child/Drop -Down Menus

I’m not sure if I’m calling this the right thing? Is it just called drop-down? What I want are boxes that after you select a product from the side menu, you can select (for example) size, color, etc. I also need to know where I would add this code and how to edit if necessary. I have looked through the other threads and I don’t think I ever found what I needed or know for sure even if it was what I needed…I am super new at this! I am not a programmer either - I’m a daughter trying to help her father out. Of course, if I’m dumb and didn’t see if this was already built in, please direct me where to find it in my admin panel and you can laugh at me behind your computer LOL

Thanks, and sorry it’s so long -

Brie :slight_smile:

Okay, so I think I found the answer - it is built in…but I guess it will just be a bit of work for each product…

If you have any other answers/info please still reply!

Brie :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are looking for product options which are indeed built in. Product options can be configured at the product level or they can be global to all products which is useful if you have several products which could use the same values in a dropdown. The other way to go about doing this would be product configurator but it is very clumsy to use and may be overkill for what you are looking to do.