Checkout Translation

Hey there.

I have a little problem with my CS-Cart translation.

In my checkout page these titles aren’t translated:

TITLE: Secure checkout

STEP 1: TITLE - 1.Please sign in ( after choosing an option i have 1.Signed in as )

STEP 2: top left use my billing addres & option Phone:

STEP 3: TITLE - 3.Payment and Shipping

STEP 4: TITLE - 4.Review and place order & product list Products in your order

[size=“1”]*bold words are the titles and the option that aren’t translated[/size]

I’ve searched everywhere and couldn’t find nothing :(

Please help me.

There are in admin languages (be sure you have selected yours to be translated language) and search in the field. Let us know if you figured out!

Phone is located in customer fields. When you edit the fields to be filled by the users. I recommend you to read the manual first. It is not very hard to acomplish what you asked so you must not even play enough with the cart.

I’m very new to CS-Cart. Fixed my problems. I’ll check all the translation fields. I thought CS-Cart was fully translated in my language :(

Thanks for the help :)