Checkout to Payment Provider failing

We are running CS CART 2.0.15 on a Linux system with Apache2 and MySQL.

We have one external payment provider called Secure Trading.

They have supplied a module for CS CART that adds them as a payment provider. this links at payment time to a secure form on their payment system website then returns the user to the CS CART system.

I have tested and all seemed fine, then we have seen 90% of our transactions showing up in orders as BACKORDERED

Users tell me they go to pay check the terms box and then it goes funny on them and no matter how many attempts they never get a payment page for their credit card.

The payment provider say in their logs it does not even show the user as making it to their site to pass details to the payment form.

Also on opening a back ordered order it shows the item price + shipping price but the total is like 9 to 10 pounds and few pence more that what the order total should be.

Has anyone else had any similar issues or got any ideas where I could look to see if there is some log or a log i could turn on to find out why this is happening?



  1. You have no inventory for the stock that you are selling and CS-Cart is simply notifying the customer of your lack of stock.


  2. Your payment processor is submitting the wrong payment status code to CS-Cart, resulting in BackOrdered.

Or (based on your customer feedback) the script is buggy and is generating an error. What does your PHP error_log say for the time the transaction is performed. Also, check the Administration/Logs and look for http requests to your payment provider.