Checkout - Shipping Method Bug?


[color=#555555]I believe that I have found a bug in the shipping selection on checkout for Multi Vendor v4.[/color]

[color=#555555]We added 2 products to our cart, which come from different vendors who have different shipping methods setup.[/color]

[color=#555555]Vendors/Shipping: [/color]

Parma Sausage Products, Inc.[color=#555555] - FedEx Ground[/color]

Riverside Design Group + Plates with Purpose™[color=#555555] - UPS Ground[/color]


Parma Sausage Products, Inc.[color=#555555] - [/color][url=“”][/url][color=#555555] [/color]

Riverside Design Group + Plates with Purpose™[color=#555555] -[/color][url=“”][/url]

[color=#555555]Whenever we move to checkout, and hit the Shipping Options step, for each vendor, BOTH methods are showing up where there should be only one shipping method for each vendor.[/color]

[color=#555555]Is this a bug or is there an issue on our end?[/color]

[color=#555555]Thank you[/color]

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 2.07.50 PM.png

I am having the exact same issue. Did you find a solution to this problem?

Furthermore, on the Checkout page, when I select a shipping option for the first listed Vendor, the shipping options listed for the second Vendor automatically change and include options that do not apply for that second Vendor.

Yes I have found the same issue and have tested it thoroughly. I am about to launch my site to the public and need this fixed immediately!! Can someone from cs-cart PLEASE reply to this topic?

I had to go through support to have the issue resolved. It might be resolved in the latest version that was just released, have you tried upgrading?

Haven't had a chance to upgrade to 4.0.2. May have to sometime soon

Pleased to say that this issue is fixed in 4.0.2!