Checkout: Required Billing Fields hidden

Where the problem occurred: MV 4.16.2 with litecheckout

Details of the problem:
I have created a new customer profile field (VAT number) under the “Billing Address / Shipping Address” section because I am using multiple profiles, and each profile must have its own VAT number.

I have then disabled the “show/required” option for shipping address, and left it checked only for billing address, since VAT is related to billing only.

This field is marked as required, however, the field is also hidden until the user selects “My billing address is different from shipping address”. If the user never selects that checkbox, then he will never see that field. And if the user continues placing the order, the system does not check that this field is required.

There needs to be a way to have these required fields always show up, regardless of the “My billing address is different from shipping address” checkbox.

How to reproduce the problem:
1- Add a profile field to the “Billing address / Shipping address” section
2- Hide the field in the shipping section, and mark it required in the billing section
3- Place a new order using a new account (any account that doesn’t have a billing address stored). DO not select the "My billing address is different from shipping address”. The order will go through without checking for the required fields.

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If the My billing address is different from shipping address checkbox is not ticked in, it means that the customer has no intention to make changes to his billing address. If you want to make this checkbox to be checked by default, please refer to my message in the neighbor topic: