Checkout Modification Cs-Cart Mv 4.13.2

Hello everyone,

We used to be on step-by-step checkout, but now that it's deprecated we want to switch to default one-step checkout, however when we turn off the step-by-step checkout add-on, the default checkout looks jumbled up and not fully compatible with other add-ons which were working with step-by-step checkout. You can see how default checkout looks like in test server link below.

I want to make modifications and polish default checkout module of CS-Cart.
I have attached file explaining some of the main issues we would like to fix.

Lastly candidate will apply changes to production server when done in test server.

Please privately let me know your budget and timeframe.

Test website:
(Git repo can shared privately when requested)

Agencies and Individual developers are welcome.

File not attached for some reason. Reattached here


We are happy to help you. Our website

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