Checkout links are bad

im not sure abut anyone else, but there about 4 different places to get to the view cart/checkout page, the problem is that most of them will skip past the page where coupons/gift certs, reward points are entered…

i had to recode all the links to the “view cart” area to go to the only correct page.

i think this is a bug of somesorts, .

people are dumb

and people using the shopping cart are not smart enough to figure out the one magic view cart link that will allow them to enter the gift cert or coupon code

not sure what other peoples thoughts on this are , or if you even realized this…

pretend you are an end user and you want to buy something then , click on each of the “view cart” link and repeat the process, now image you have a coupon or gift cert code… and try to use it… good luck because only 1 link exists to view your cart will take you to the magic page…

whats your thoughts on reporting a bug???


Have not done it yet, but I am going to modify the process so all customers to go to the cart page first, both on the one page check out and multi-page checkout.

For me, I don’t want to go directly to checkout. Not sure if bug, because it is probably working as designed. Would like to have an option(s) in admin for more control on checkout process.


I redid all of my buttons to direct to the cart before checking out just like Bob mentioned although I tried installing a fix from someone for another issue and lost my coupon code entry field. Once I get that fixed, I’ll be a happy camper!

I think it’s rather strange that CS-Cart only has the coupon code/gift cert field on the cart page but the buttons can bypass that page and, therefore, completely confuse the customer! I’m not sure it’s a bug but it sure does need improvement.



Developing in 2.0.8

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