Checkout issue after upgrade

We upgraded our CS Cart from v.1.3.5 SP2 to the latest version v.1.3.5 SP3 this past Friday night. All went well with no issues noted.

Today we have found that no orders have been placed over the weekend. As well we have received emails from customers saying they are unable to complete their checkout.

I tested the cart and found that I can place items in the cart to purchase but when I click Checkout it takes me to the cart contents page with no way to proceed to checkout.

Specifically, the Checkout link should take me to [url][/url]

But it is actually taking me to [url][/url]

Any ideas what might be wrong? We do have a custom skin which has not been updated for the upgrade. I changed skins to a default CS Cart skin and the problem persists.



I receive the following error when in the checkout process along with the continuous AJAX [COLOR=“Red”]Loading…[/COLOR] sign

Error: ‘cart_prices_w_taxes’ is undefined

You get that in our cart?

I’m taking a wild guess here. Do you have anonymous checkout disabled?

No. We have it enabled.

[quote name=‘cynthia’]No. We have it enabled.[/QUOTE]

Yes I was referring to the checkout page in your cart. In Firefox there is a constant AJAX Loading message and in IE7 that error message above is given. It appears that all the required information is not being supplied to the Javascript while loading the page content.

So what would I do about that?

Normally, when someone clicks Checkout, do you get delivered to the mode=cart page? Or mode=checkout?

I had the same problem with my custom skin. In the end I commented out those cart_prices_w_taxes lines in the exceptions.js file. It almost did my head in, so in the end I gave up and just commented out those lines. I haven’t seen any adverse affects yet, but then again I only display my prices without tax, and add the tax on when they go to checkout. I vaguely remember it having to do with options on certain products.

So far no response from CS Cart Help Desk about this so I reverted our cart to the previous version. All seems fine now but I have no idea what the problem was.

I was getting the same weird error in IE 6x but not with FF, went to exceptions.js (in classes/scripts folder) and commented out the following two lines in red.

[COLOR=red]// [/COLOR]product_price = (cart_prices_w_taxes == true) ? product_price + tax_excluded : product_price;
[COLOR=red]// [/COLOR]sec_product_price = (cart_prices_w_taxes == true) ? sec_product_price + sec_tax_excluded : sec_product_price;

And just so that it will show up on search this is for the script error cart_prices_w_taxes