Checkout hanging at least 1 minute

Final step checkout hangs when selected place order after ticking terms and conditions. I have disabled all tracking addons and tried it with several users and dozens of products and also every payment method, telephone, credit card etc. I have looked in the logs but dont really know what to look for. Searched the forum but no joy.

I am on VPS and is generally fast but this final step is doing my nut in.

Any pointers is appreciated.

**edit Just tried my other site on same VPS…same problem have contacted host too…



You’ve checked the php error_log right?

Unfortunately, if it’s trying to make a connection to a host that is not responding and NOT using the embedded fn_http_request() function then it might be very difficult to track down without a sniffer. But it sure sounds like you’re trying to make a connection somewhere and it’s timing out (usually 30 seconds, but it could be doing it twice).

Make sure you have Requests enabled in your logging so you can see what requests are being made that utilize the internal fn_http_request() function.

I have tried again a few times this morning and seems to have cleared up. The host have been on and daid they tried and it was fine for them too. Logs, PHP & CS didnt show anything untoward so Dunno.

Thanks for response. I will monitor it.


Hello John,

We are sorry to hear that you experience such a problem.

This problem requires an investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk: [url][/url] and send us the FTP access to your server so that we can investigate the problem in more detail.

The site has been bouncing up and down a bit over the past couple of days. As stated, there is a 15 second timeout ‘ping’ that is done to ensure it’s up before going into any of the interactive stuff with their API. You can check:

var/logs/mailchimp.log to see if any timeout errors are present. They should be logged when they happen on the customer side. When they happen in Admin, they give a Red error notification.

I am getting EXACTLY the same thing as of yesterday and has continued on today! Not good as i have like 30 orders that I have had to cancel today…have placed a support ticket with CS-Cart.

Any other ideas?

Well, for starters which credit card processor are you using?

Have you checked to see if the issue is not on their end (could very well be the problem)?

I went backwards and forwards with CS and also Martfox over this.

It has cleared up now but not really sure what caused it.

Re started the DNS, and Martfox also modified some resolver configuration (?)

It only seemed to hang when the “notify customer” box was ticked in the backend.

It also seemed to kick in just after installing Google checkout (each of 2 times)and I was receiving duplicate orders form GC due to the server delay time.

I have a sneaky feeling that Google Checkout was the cuplrit but am too worried to switch it back on as it took days to get resolved. I am sure I am missing a Google checkout file somewhere but unsure where they all are.



Our processor is offline for Cards, however this is happening for paypal express and paypal standard checkout too. I have had CS-Cart people reproduce the problem, they have then said they will look at it at their earliest opportunity. Trouble for us is that its REALLY hanging, I timed 2 minutes now on 1 order i tried processing. Curious to how many orders you had when it started happening, we have around 5k. I have tried changing the cache, disabling the price list addon as getting a lot of log errors from there. upped the ini to 256mb but its still taking an age to place the order! I also cleared all logs as thought that this only started to happen when we had influx of visitors over the day!

Not sure if this helps, but remember there are many things that happen after the payment is processed like:

  1. Order status is changed and emails are sent
  2. Whatever is on your order confirmation page (google conversion tracking, other conversion tracking code, etc.) is executed
  3. Addons with “” controllers

    My point is that while the customer sees the last real step of the checkout process as making the payment, in reality there is much more going on. So it might help to expand your search for the problem child. Be interesting to see if the “Request” is logged in the cart log after some chunk of the time has elapsed. At least this would tell you if the CC processor responded in a reasonable period of time. Unfortunately request/response are not timestamped.