Checkout fields


Ive noticed that we are unable to remove the state/province field as part of checkout

Typically in our region, this is not common place to have in checkout

Is there a reason for this being compulsory? If we override this being a mandatory field are there any dependencies elsewhere in the checkout flow that we should be aware of?


The “State” field is required for all countries with states or provinces. If you don’t have states for the customer’s country, then the field will be required at checkout only if it is required in the customer’s profile.

Alternatively you can remove this field completely from the Deliver to block.

I hope it helps.

But why is it required, I cannot untick the field in the deliver to block. Why is it mandatory is the question

Because it is set, by default, as required in profile fields.

Unfortunately I only have the attached and so no method of removing it. Which version are you running?

This is default behavior for this block. If you will point your mouse to the disabled checkbox, you will see the same text:

It looks like CSC changed it recently. You should probably check show and leave required unchecked.

yes that part is clear, but the orignal question of the post is why?

Why is it mandatory? What is the reasoning? If we remove it are there any dependencies?

I dont see the column for Checkout/Show/Required in Profile Fields admin page

Why cant i see that column? /I have latest version.

It’s been removed in the latest version.

Because it was previously requested to work this way, and its implementation was previously discussed in the Forum.: