Checkout Countdown Timer For Cs-Cart V4.4 Or Above - By Cartbooster

Create of urgency at the checkout with a proven method to increase checkout conversions. This add-on creates a timed countdown at the checkout to increase a sense of limited time / availability on products / the checkout. This tactic is used on many large website including TicketMaster. Customise the time, the font colour, the background colour.


What happens once the time expires? Will remove the reserved items from cart?


When the item is in the cart it isn't available for other sessions while the session is active. This is the default cart behaviour.

Currently its more a tool to help to increase conversion rate.

We've implemented this for customers and gotten 27% increase, and not had any issues on busy websites.

(Approx 10 orders per minute)

We are working on directly using the cart session time value for future release.