Checkout as guest still requires First and Last Name

Hello All,

I’m running 2.1.1 on my local machine, however when testing the “Checkout as guest” option on the one-page checkout it doesn’t act the same as the CS-Cart demo site. It doesn’t accept the e-mail address and immediately proceed to step 2, instead it remains in step 1 and puts asterisks in the First Name, Last Name and Phone fields. I’ve cleared the var/cache and var/compiled folders to no effect. Any ideas as to why my guest checkout isn’t acting correctly? Thanks.



Is First name and Last name set to required in Contact Information under Users->Profile fields? Uncheck them under checkout if they are.

Thank you Samantha, this was the issue.

For anyone else who may have this problem just make sure you uncheck both the “show” and the “required” checkboxes for all the fields but e-mail and you will automatically be sent to step 2 in the process.