Checking Minimum Number Of Products From A Single Vendor On Checkout


In my multi-vendor marketplace the idea is to allow wholesale buying and selling.

In one of the requirements I need to restrict the minimum number of products that can be checkout from a single vendor. The vendor can have 'n' types of products and option to allow buyers to cart the minimum and maximum number at product level is available. I want this restrict at the vendor level.

The restriction can be imposed by the vendor for multiple reasons

1. Vendor is not interest in selling unless buyer takes at least 50 products(any) from n varieties that the vendor has. It can be something like, 20 from item1, 10 from item2, and 20 from item3 or any other combination. Combination doesn't matter.

2. Vendor Packing and shipping restricts require having at least n products in the order. Else packing and shipping cost will be high. For example, a electronics distributor might need an order of at least 30 electronic items for a truckload. He may not be interested if a buyers ordering only 5-10 items as it will be less than half truck load and shipping will be very expensive for the buyer.

This checking will need to be done at the time of checkout. Wanted to know if such a setting is available?

Members please help?



Quite complex changes are required to make this feature flexible (e.g. add separate setting for each vendor). If you are interested, our team can offer you custom development service. Feel free to contact us

Our team is also at your service. Please contact us at