Check If User Logged In

What syntax do I use in “layout editor” (block with smarty support) to check if user logged in?

<br />
<ul><br />
{if userlogedin?}<br />
<li><a href="{""|fn_url}">Orders</a></li><br />
{/if}<br />
<li><a href="{"wishlist.view"|fn_url}">Wishlist</a></li><br />
<li><a href="{""|fn_url}">Comparelist</a></li><br />
</ul><br />

{if $auth.user_id}

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{if $auth.user_id}


Works great, thanx…

I add the code to a new block:

{if $auth.user_id}
{__("wishlist")}{if $wishlist_count > 0} ({$wishlist_count}){/if}

The wishlist link works, but it does not show the count of wishlist?

What context are you in? Why do you expect $wishlist_count variable to be set? I don't think it's done globally for all pages.

I want to make like this…

[attachment=8149:螢幕快照 2014-06-12 下午2.14.57.png]

螢幕快照 2014-06-12 下午2.14.57.png

Then you'll have to set your $wishlist_count variable.

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I want to make like this…

[attachment=8149:螢幕快照 2014-06-12 下午2.14.57.png]


Try {$smarty.session.wishlist.products|count}

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Try {$smarty.session.wishlist.products|count}


{if $auth.user_id}
{__("wishlist")}{if $smarty.session.wishlist.products|count > 0} ({$smarty.session.wishlist.products|count}){/if}

It's working!! I really appreciate your help.

You are welcome!

Is there a way to access the status that is held in {$auth.user_id} in a PHP script (obviously on same server!) rather than within Smarty Template?

I already use


to pull user data into a complex custom form loaded via iframe which is only accessible to logged in users.

What I must achieve to make my new version of this form work, is to be able to dynamically (via ajax) test for user logged in status to enable a 'Save' button.

So, unregistered user can view the form and play with it with disabled/hidden 'Save' button. Then, if they want to save/submit the data they have to login or register (via modal or pop-up window) then they will be able to submit/save the form…



Thank you @eComLabs

I will do that!


Not working at first attempt - will persevere… and report back!

correct test would be:

if( !empty($_SESSION['auth']['user_id']) )

Use of {$auth.user_id} should also work. But if not, using {$smarty.session.auth.user_id} would do the same and prevent the overhead of any ajax requests.


Thank you for that - my reasoning for ajax call is that I do not want the visitor to have to reload the form i.e.

Visitor/User Plays With Form [not logged in/registered] > Visitor then wants to save/submit their input > Link to Log-in/Register [new tab/modal window] > Enable ‘Save/Submit’ Button > Bingo! [Without re-loading form].

I could of course just set a cookie to save the the form values temporarily for non logged in / registered visitor but I would prefer not to do it that way… there is also quite a lot of data / fields in the form…