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The variants do not work when choosing check box option for product options. Does anyone know how to get it working? How can people choose multiple options easily?

Hello Samanthar!

Check box options work with price modifiers (price modifier is speciefied in the Variants tab). If you need several check boxes, just create several check box options.

If you have several different variants within one option, please choose radio group.

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thats a shame, I need checkboxes to choose multiple variant options… I am sure alot of other people would need that too

Yes it is a shame. Found this thread because I too am needing this. I just downloaded this software as possibly something I want offer to my many customers and so am testing it. In many respects I really like it. But just the fact that you cannot have a mulitple selection with checkboxes is almost a dealbreaker for me. Because i wanted to promote this to my biggest client but they sell their products (a custom made product) via option attributes. And they need to be able to make choices similar to what you mention. The pizza topping example I saw in a similar thread is a perfect example of this. If you cannot have a method where the person can choose multiple choices of a single attribute (as in the topping example whereby there are checkboxes for multiple toppings but all part of the same group) then it becomes too bulky since you'd have to create many groups, one for each item when it should only need to be in one group. From a perspective of building forms, checkboxes have always allowed multiple selections and not being able to build a single attribute group that can have multiple selections allowed is a huge issue in my opinion for a shopping cart to be flexible.

so no one has any answers about how can make the cart properly provide multiple selections via one option group?

Use drop down list option or see alt teams product options matrix addon

[url=“Table of options CS-Cart add-on”][/url]


Thans for the reply John, however I've looked at your for purchase module and far as I can see it is not useful in this type of situation, nor is the dropdown list option.

let me explain:

lets say I sell custom balloons whereby a person can order 50 balloons custom printed with their logo on them. as a choice when they place their order they can choose what colors they want. Let us say I offer 25 different colors. SO, on every other cart I've ever tested it is simple. I make an attribute with checkboxes in which I have 25 options in the group, each option one of the ballon colors. Now I can layout the options in a series of rows, says 6 to a line. The customer can select from these options and when I make the order i know can divide it amonsgt their selections. (In other words, they might for example choose blue, green, red, purple balloons and i can divide their order of 50 ballons by the colors they choose) In addition, in this case, when L layout the option values I can include a small icon of each balloon in its repsective color.

Too, it appear your mod has slots for quantity values for each option. That doesn't serve my needs because quantity is chosen elsewhere and they are simply choosing separate option values. another example, as used on another thread is what if I sell pizza and you can order online. You want to choose oyur toppings. You wouldn't need or want a “quantity” of each topping avialble to the customer. Bt you would want the topping layout as one group of checkboxes not 25 differnt groups all scrolled down the page, neither would the dropdown option work in this instance since they need to be able to select multiple values of one option.

and that's the point- ability to select multiple values of one option without it either being tide to “quantity”

Maybe the Product configurator addon?

main product “Pizza”

components to make that pizza added as seperates…ct-configurator

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yes its a possibility it can be used as a workaround thanks for mentioning it, will have to play with it and see. but all the same, not being able to make a checkbox option group with ability to choose more than one item in the group is simply unheard of as far as shopping carts go. Which is unfortunate because I am simply testing the cart for purposes of recommending to my clients as a better solution than zencart because on the surface i thought it looked more professional and I have dozens of clients using zencart. But overall it seems to have a pretty lousy option configuration system and that is the one area I find it most lacking.

I looked at that product configurator addon. Doesn't look like it will really solve the problem.

I guess my biggest disappointment is that although it seems there are a lot of people using the cs-cart software and this forum seems to have alot of members (and this subject with issue to the product options has been mentioned in previous posts I've seen) that there hasn't already been positive solutions developed either by the software developers or found.

I think that the ability to have a more robust product option system should be important to this cart and at the very least, being able to create one option group in which a customer can make multiple choices just seems like a pre requisite to any decent cart. At the very least, the current product options system, in light of its limitations and overall ease of use, comes across almost as an afterthought in the software development process.

At least, that's my opinion about it, no disrespect to the developers because other than a few issues I think the cart would be perfect. Maybe no one else feels the same way I do about it but before I can use the software I'll have to figure out how to develop my own solution if no other answers are found.

Has their been a fix for this yet? I'm having a similar problem i wish to set up multiple options using the Radio Group/Check Box Variant, why would CS-Cart not integrate something so simple yet useful into their software?

well it's because of that lack and the overall lousy product attribute formulation in general, in addition to the lack of interest on the part of cs-cart programmers to even follow or respond appropriately to threads like this, that I decided against using or recommending cs-cart to my clients. Otherwise, on the surface it appeared to be an excellent product in other areas so its a shame the product attributes area is convoluted at best.

Found this thread because I too am needing this.

Our team will be glad to help you with this modification. Feel free to contact us

We are currently running an old Magento 1.9 website and looking to upgrade to CS-Cart and having issues coming up with a multi-select option like the one we currently have. I believe older versions of cs-cart used to have such option but is no longer there in the newer ones. Can anyone please help me with this? Screenshot attached to show what I am looking for.


Yes, unfortunately CS-Cart does not have such a feature. Additional custom development work is required to do it.