Chase Paymentech - A Network Upgrade In January Might Affect Your Orbital Integration

Site owner has a merchant account with Chase Paymentech and they received the email notice below.

Paymentech email:
If you use the general purpose scripting language PHP in your Orbital integration, a network upgrade in early January might affect you.
If your PHP integration contains a custom request message (as opposed to a "GET" or "HEAD") when doing an HTTP request, the upgrade will cause connections to fail. If so, change your procedure by following the instructions attached to this message

We use the "AutherorizeNet.AIM" Credit Card Processor with CSC 4.3.4.

Anyone know if we would be okay or should we contact CS-Cart support?

I assume we're okay but AuthorizeNet AIM states that "Transactions should be sent using HTTP POST, not HTTP GET" which leads to CS-Cart and how they wrote the Processor?

Anet is a gateway. They went through their change last year. If you're working now, you should be fine going forward.

If you use Anet, then they are the ones who talk to Chase.

Thank you EZ!