Charts Missing from Sales Reports

I’m using 2.0.8. In Admin > Orders > Sales Reports, none of my charts are displaying in IE8. They show up fine in Firefox 3.6 and Safari 5. I get an error message saying:

[quote]Error loading file:

admin.php?dispatch=sales_reports.get_settings&type=column&setting_type=column&title=Top%2010[/quote]I have the latest Flash plug-in. Do I need something else?

Have you tried adding your site to IE8’s trusted sites?

Security settings in IE have been notorious for causing many PHP, JAVA or FLASH content to not function properly.

Also you could try to disable protected mode and see if this corrects the issue.

Whatever fixes it document it and search for ways to make the code work around IE.

Knock, knock Microsoft it’s 2010 and your still not compatible with the internet??

Good luck!

I added my site to trusted sites and set the security level to low. Didn’t work.

I’m running as an admin on this computer, so protected mode is automatically off (I think).

Any other possibilities?