Changing Wording on "Invoice" Documents

My Invoices actually say “Order” followed by the number
Below that is “Order Date” folloed by the date and time

Invoices in Australia by law we must call them a “Tax Invoice”
I cannot find any way to change the wording in the variables to reflect this.

Copy and paste of the wording I have now:

ORDER #6 (Needs to say “Tax Invoice” #6)

ORDER DATE 21 Apr 2013, 01:41 PM (Needs to say “Invoice Date”)

All help gratefully accepted

Thank you

Kind Regards

In Australia “Tax Invoice” is only required if you charge GST. You will also require ABN to print out. If it is just you operating the store then you should be able to get away with modifying templates but if you need it for each vendor and each vendor may or not be registered for GST then it gets more complex (see related content at bottom of this post).

Edit: Just tested the below and it didn’t work … also tried for invoice.tpl and by editing the header snippet (administration/notifications/code snippets). But it should be something like this …

Either way edit the order template. Assuming you don’t have a theme that overwrites it then you will probably find the template in the responsive theme


Now I have never done this (so I would be trying in your development store first) but I assume you could put in something like

<h1>Tax-Invoice #{order_id}</h1>
<h3>ABN: {your_profile_field}</h3>

at the top. Now this is going to carry over to all of your order e-mails i.e. for each change in status where you are sending notificaitons, if you want seperate ones or want to turn off some for changes in status then you are going to have to play around in administrations/notifications and have seperate .tpl templates and you will either need time or a third party developer to help you there , though there may be addon in the marketplace that simplifies it.

Related: This was ticket I raised a couple of years back when I had support …

You no doubt have had this from Australians before.

For the ATO where GST is included in the price we must have

The Words “Tax Invoice” and the businesses "ABN: " at the top of the invoice
and where the GST amount is exactly one-eleventh of the total price, as a statement which says ‘Total price includes GST’ (in other cases each line item should show GST in addition to the statement ‘Total price includes GST’)

Where the vendor profile field indicates they are registered for GST (Code: registered_gst) can I please have a minor update to

  • include the words “TAX INVOICE” and underneath that "ABN: " (followed by the vendors ABN which is in field [Code:tax_number])
  • include the words “Total price includes GST”

This should be on both the printed invoice (available from within a order) and the e-mail communication.

In addition the e-mail should include tax for each line item like the printed invoice.

Finally can we change the word tax on the printed invoice to “GST” (and the e-mail copy should be the same).

I’m afraid that implementing these changes in the invoice would necessitate complex code modifications, which fall outside the scope of our technical support service. I can offer you the customization services offered by our affiliate company Simtech Development Ltd . For your convenience I can forward your request to Simtech Development Ltd for an estimation, please let me know if you are interested in it.

Hi Chickentwisty,
Will give your suggestions a try in my dev store. Strangely enough I do have “GST 10% INCLUDED” at the bottom of the invoice, but the code is identical so there must be a way of changing the actual description within the variables. (I had asked about this when I purchased my first theme.)
I have placed my ABN under the Store Info " {{(“ABN xx xxx xxx xxx”)}}.
Because we have to have our ABN on the actual website also, I have had to place that at the end of my copyright.
Thank you so much

I did look and there is a couple of “oder” language vairables, however I expect this is used on more than just notifications so changing them may have unintended consequences.

Hi Chickentwisty (Love the name)

These are the changes I made to the Invoice

document, not perfect, but means I meet ATO rules, hopefully they will help you also.

Kind Regards

Thanks @sewingbuddies, nice, glad you got a solution!

My issue is I want it to default in vendor ABN rather than mine and to send a normal invoice if vendor isn’t registered for GST and a tax invoice if they are. That requires a developer I believe, my work around is to send a tax invouce to everyone and show zero GST where vendor isn’t registered for GST.

Hi chickentwisty,
Sorry my solution didn’t work for you, I am finding the whole tax thing a real issue with cs-cart unfortunately. I was going to link to quickbooks, but cannot do that as I have 2 stores, and cannot separate them with the plugin. (Both have the same abn thank heavens)
They also do not have a “cost price” for stock, and even if I purchase an addon allowing that to be added, there is no way of printing a report that will give me the actual totals of “cost price” within the sales reports.
Becauses I also sell in other markets it is just multiplying the issues with stock. Although I am using baselinker to control the stock across the board, so I am hoping I will be able to solve that via them and not rely on cs-cart unfortunately.
Hope you are able to find an easy solution for your problem though.

Kind Regards

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