Changing the title on side boxs

Hello everyone,

My first help request:)

I would like to change the titles (names) on some of the side boxs. For example, I would like to change Manufacturers to Vendors.

How, and where can I do that?

Thank you,


this is easy i think I know how :slight_smile:

In the admin page click on Language (it’s the third on down, in the administrative sidebox, locate on the right column)

In the langauge page search for “manufacture” you will see “manufacture”, “manufactures” change both value to vendor and vendors.

Hope it help

Hey taydu,

Thanks for the help that worked! Now on the drop down menu the defult says Select Manufacture. I couldn’t find that in the languge area, prehaps in a tpl file?

Thanks again!


try to search for select_manufacturer

Hey thanks taydu, that worked like a charm!

Hello all!

This was just what I was looking for…we wanted to change the names on some of the info boxes. Has anyone seen a thread on how to add your own sidebox so that it shows up all the time and not just on the main store page? thanks! I am still looking…




This is so much fun, ok…

open main.tpl and say you want to add a new sidebox under the site info just find

{include file=“side_boxes/site_info.tpl”}

and copy/paste a new line below

{include file=“side_boxes/mynewsidebox.tpl”}

now create a new .tpl file called mynewsidebox.tpl and paste in

{capture name="sidebox"}

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{include file="common_templates/sidebox.tpl" title=$lang.mynewsidebox content=$smarty.capture.sidebox icon="sidebox_icon_help.gif"}

save this file in the /side_boxes/ dir and note you need to create a new language named mynewsidebox and you can make a new icon if you like also, side boxes ROCK !!!

…YOU ROCK!!! Totally AWESOME! I have my new boxes added and ready to go…totally killer SnoRocket!!! I know it probably gets old, but thank you for the help!!! Much appreciated!!!




i am on .4

how to i change categories and cart sidebox title?


Hi mpjbay

Read all the above again, they have your answer.

i did a search for




but did not come up with any results…

i am going to start looking in .tpl files…



with the “s” and found what i was looking for =)

[quote name=‘mpjbay’]i did a search for




but did not come up with any results…

i am going to start looking in .tpl files…[/QUOTE]

The language variables are called categories and cart. They come right up when i type them in the search field in the languages section.

funny, i do not know what i was doing wrong before but i am able to find everything i am looking for now.