Changing the body area of the home page

I am using one of the preset themes for my cart. Please view here.


What I would like to do is change the body are where it says Stylish and Unique and the read area where it has a banner along with the bottom text that says welcome to J-ohs off completely and put this image in place. Is there documentation on how to do this?




I believe you want to edit the welcome.tpl file

skins/skin name/customer/welcome.tpl

I believe this is the code to comment out for the top image



I believe this will remove the welcome message, if you comment it out


{$lang.welcome_to} {$settings.Company.company_name}


I'm using the "blue" version of the same template and removed the top image from my store.

```php [B]{* start comment to remove logo...[/B]

[B].. end comment to remove logo *}[/B] ```

Somebody else may have a better idea. Just make a backup of your files before you make changes and just do a little experimenting, if it's not a live store. :-)