Changing Text Size

I have installed the trial and I am using the ‘Consultant’ standard skin but I am finding that the font size is very small and hard on the eyes. Is there a simple way of changing the font size across all pages?


Edit the CSS.


Change the font size in the body.

Until the next upgrade, then your changes will be wiped out.

A better solution is to create a hook by adding a file of:


that contains a line of:

Then create the css file
and add a line of (to change font size to 12pt as an example)
body {font-size: 12pt;}

Then the next time your site is upgraded, your definitions will not be touched and your definitions will continue to replace the defintions in the standard product.

I’m not sure learning to create an addon is easier than adding one line at the top of a css file in the customer directory. Just a thought.

True, but once you make one change, you are likely to make more. So might as well do it right from the start and save yourself headaches later.

Just different approaches…

Thanks for the replies, I will give them a try