Changing status sends email to supplier

We often change the status from “received” to “backordered” when our supplier tells us an item in the order is on back order. Doing so sends out another email to the supplier. I don’t have anything checked off at the bottom of the order edit screen to make this happen. The email that gets sent looks just like a NEW ORDER so our supplier ends up sending multiple shipments to customers (once the items arrive) and we are getting billed for this.

This is killing me, such a simple thing is making me lose tons of money.

The only way to change the order status is through the drop down menu which includes a list of whom you want to send an email to. This list is all checked by default to send an email. You need to uncheck these in order not to send an email.

We've created custom functions to check and suppress the supplier emails to address this… or in another case, we created a new status the admin could toggle that did not send emails to suppliers. is the last one we did this for… where the emails are suppressed… uses a variant of this where we trigger status change through other events … like warehouse communication through a SQL server, etc…

You will probably have to edit this in “order statuses” to get this fixed. For some reason they have a place in the “order statuses” to send the email and also at the actual point where you change the order itself. In my mind it is a bug, but I guess it is what they wanted and it is probably working as designed.

Clips - you hit the issue on the head. For me a simple fix , or better option, would be to at least have the “notify Customer” and “notify orders department” NOT checked by default in the drop menu where you change the actual status. Even though in the admin/order statuses I have each of the “statuses” set to not send to the order department in this one area where you change the actual status forces you to uncheck the two options. Its irritating to uncheck each time you change the status and also easy to forget and end up sending the status change to the order department!.

This is because I do NOT want the order department getting an e-mail each time I change the status.

Anyone have any idea how I could change the default settings on the two check boxes in that little drop box to not be checked?



This is still a problem…does anyone at CS Cart have a direction on this? It must be a simply fix to change the default setting to unchecked…?


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This is still a problem…does anyone at CS Cart have a direction on this? It must be a simply fix to change the default setting to unchecked…?



I'm interested in an update too. This is sort of strange to have a list of order statues and then give the option to notify suppliers, order departments, etc but then override it when viewing orders.

For the Love of God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and Tom Cruise … can someone please answer this?

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Look people…the settings in Orders->Order statuses are only used when a customer places an order. This has no relation to the order statuses in the drop down menu which you can change manually. If you want to change the default behavior (boxes unchecked), then you will need to make modifications. I have no idea what version(s) yall are all using but there has been posts stating how to make the modification to have the check boxes unchecked. Do a search.

It's commonly referred to as a low priority bug. I.e. there is a workaround (manually unchecked). There are many low priority bugs in all software. If you want it to get attention then make sure it's in the bug tracker and get all your friends to comment on how important it is. The amin side should follow the same settings for default behavior.

Thanks for the input guys, I don't mind fixing manually if it not too complicated, don't want to make it so I cant update in the future. But honestly, I can not find a topic in the forum that offers the manual fix.