Changing skins

Hi Bud,

Thanks for looking, Site’s still in beta :oops:

The skin I have installed is brickwork_dark_steel and is relatively customizable.

I understand if you’ve used the demo (I never got to that point)

[quote name=‘brandonvd1’]I really like his layout and I would like to know if it possible to change the skins to look similar to his site easily or does it require a lot of coding.[/quote]

The layout is pretty simplistic, more so the same as the skin.

In regards to changing the colour scheme, open up photoshop and give the image a new hue/tone/colour and your set just about.

If you require anymore help bud just pm me.

Gift Certificates are coming soon, I can’t remember who started it but either the developers will make it, or the forum guru’s will lol