Changing Registration Fields Order

I have a store here - [url=“Sailing Chandlery | Online Chandlery”]Sailing Chandlery | Online Chandlery

When you go to that page and then click Register (for a new account)

How do I change the order of the fields? I want to put email above password.

Hopefully someone out there can help.

Many thanks


In admin

customers>profile fields

change the order by changing the number list in left column


Hi John,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately the password option is not there, attached is what I see when going to register.

I only see contract, billing and shipping information under profile fields.

Many thanks


Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 07.38.50.png

Ah sorry, my error not reading enough, that will be code changes that I can help with, sorry


In the admin panel, go to Design > Design Mode. Enable design mode. View Storefront in Design Mode. Then go to that particular page. Mouse over those icons until a green square hovers over the area where those fields are. You will have to figure out which template and edit the template code to move the fields in the place where you want them. If you don't know about coding, I probably wouldn't mess with it.